We had SO many wonderful entries for our Trust Christmas Card competition and these delightful options were picked to be our winners! Congratulations to the artists!A huge thank you also to all the children and the teams involved in creating & submitting these festive delights.


Arguably one of the most important elements of effective learning is to be resilient. We know that great learning occurs when we are at the edge of what’s comfortable, where we are taking risks and there is a greater likelihood of failure.Read more


We've extended our admissions deadline to Friday 8 December. Don't miss your opportunity to join us! 😊


I truly believe that belonging is a human right; belonging shows that someone cares for us and believes in us. Whether we are children or adults, the culture across Learning Partners is one of belonging.Read more


Required ASAP.We are looking for to join our team.Please check our website for more details.


Applications are coming in thick and fast but there is still time for YOU to apply for YOUR PLACE at SuMS. If you love maths, we want to hear from you!


It was what I learnt from the people I met on my journey that truly shaped me, instilling me with the values that I have used in the decisions I have made as a school leader; values that we endeavour to teach the children at Loseley.Read more



Put simply, children and young people who feel they belong achieve better than those that don’t feel wanted or part of the group. When we are “all in it together” we create a culture that allows adults and children to thrive.Read More


Why do YOU want to join Surrey Maths School? 😊


We hope to see lots of prospective students attending in preparation for next September!


Congratulations to Luke and the team! A very well deserved award.



It's graduation day! We can't wait to see everyone later this afternoon . Post your graduation pics to our social media using the hashtag


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Sixth Form Open Eve || 31st October


Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is simple - we want to lead schools where children thrive and we know that to achieve this we need to work together and be true to our values:

  • We have ambition for all and we are proud of our staff who strive for excellence and instill ambition
  • We know that when we collaborate and work in partnership with others, outcomes are improved for all - pupils and staff
  • We want to provide learning that inspires and to develop a lifelong love of learning
  • We know that our young people deserve an enriched education, one that is born from creativity and innovation
  • We know that we must act with integrity, because as a body of staff we are role models


Our Vision

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Our Mission

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Our Values

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