We had SO many wonderful entries for our Trust Christmas Card competition and these delightful options were picked to be our winners! Congratulations to the artists!A huge thank you also to all the children and the teams involved in creating & submitting these festive delights.


Arguably one of the most important elements of effective learning is to be resilient. We know that great learning occurs when we are at the edge of what’s comfortable, where we are taking risks and there is a greater likelihood of failure.Read more


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I truly believe that belonging is a human right; belonging shows that someone cares for us and believes in us. Whether we are children or adults, the culture across Learning Partners is one of belonging.Read more


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It was what I learnt from the people I met on my journey that truly shaped me, instilling me with the values that I have used in the decisions I have made as a school leader; values that we endeavour to teach the children at Loseley.Read more



Put simply, children and young people who feel they belong achieve better than those that don’t feel wanted or part of the group. When we are “all in it together” we create a culture that allows adults and children to thrive.Read More


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Sixth Form Open Eve || 31st October


Trust Governance

We believe that the best people to govern our schools are their own governing bodies - people who are local to them, know them well, care about the students and have the appropriate professional skills.


The board of trustees oversees several committees to conduct its work in depth, inviting additional professionals to these committees to assist.

Local Governing Bodies (LGBs)

The board of trustees believes in the importance of establishing a Local Governing Body (LGB) to oversee each school within the trust, in pursuit of the trust's vision and values, learning from best practice and taking into account the local community context.

Their core purpose is to:

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • Hold school leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff
  • Oversee the school’s financial performance of the organisation and make sure its money is well spent

The trust's scheme of delegation describes their delegated powers, with further detail in their terms of reference.

  • LGBs are to reflect the view of their stakeholders and therefore include representation from parents, staff and the community
  • LGB members are recruited for a 3-4 year term, on a skillset basis
  • Minutes and supporting papers are made available to the trustees and executive team
  • Membership of LGBs is published on our school websites

LGBs will find that many of their more ‘bureaucratic’ duties (e.g. policy writing) will be carried out by the Trust, freeing up more of their time to focus on learning and teaching.

Governance Leaders Group (GLG)

All Chairs of Governors and Chairs of Committees of the Board meet every term to improve the effectiveness of governance, through:

  • Two-way communication between the board of trustees and the Local Governing Bodies (“communication”)
  • Consultative strategic conversation (“strategic consultation”)
  • Self-evaluation and training (“reflection”)

As set out in their terms of reference, the Governance Leaders Group will be responsible for implementing standards in governance effectiveness, guided by the DfE Governance Handbook.

This will involve (but is not limited to):

  • Strategic Leadership: clarifying the trust's vision, ethos and strategy
  • Accountability: for educational standards and financial performance
  • People: e.g. ensuring that skills audits are undertaken on a regular basis, that the governor training programme is tailored to their needs and that succession planning is in place
  • Structures: ensuring that roles and responsibilities are appropriate and effective
  • Compliance: understanding statutory and contractual requirements
  • Evaluation: e.g. of external reviews of governance, schools causing concern and Ofsted outcomes