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Congratulations to all your amazing and committed students and staff 👏👏🎉


📣🌟🎉George Abbot School celebrates Post-16 results🌟🎉📣


🌟🎉Congratulations to our Year 13 students receiving their results today! We are so proud of your hard work and determination throughout your Sixth Form journey🌟🎉


Who are you looking to find? Can you also let us know who you are?


Congratulations, Callum! 👏🏻


PODCAST: Really useful advice for Y13s receiving their results this week...


Seriously cool 😎


Who would have these on their walls at home? 🙋🏽‍♂️


Hope everyone is having a good summer. Some exciting new installations happening at school…showcasing incredible student graphic design and photography!



Welcome to Learning Partners Academy Trust

We are a collaborative Multi Academy Trust (MAT), built on partnership and thriving on local schools working together.

As our name indicates, we wholeheartedly embrace the educational qualities of both learning and partnership. Our mission is to create a love of learning in the lives of pupils, and to encourage partnership and collaboration because we achieve more when we work together.  We bring together our schools, so they can thrive and enable their pupils to become the best they can be.

Our decision-making is driven by values of ambition, collaboration, inspiration, innovation and integrity; creating a compass to motivate both staff and children and key to delivering the best education - so that every child can excel academically, physically and emotionally, whatever their age and whatever their individual needs.

We believe in driving up educational standards and raising targets through collaborative school-to-school support. Teachers need more time to teach and we aim to allow schools focus on delivering excellent education by centralising services to achieve operational efficiencies. 

Our MAT is not about direction from the top, but an all-inclusive approach to school improvement, delivering strong outcomes for all our young people and understanding the communities in which we operate.

Jack Mayhew, CEO