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Congratulations to all your amazing and committed students and staff 👏👏🎉


📣🌟🎉George Abbot School celebrates Post-16 results🌟🎉📣


🌟🎉Congratulations to our Year 13 students receiving their results today! We are so proud of your hard work and determination throughout your Sixth Form journey🌟🎉


Who are you looking to find? Can you also let us know who you are?


Congratulations, Callum! 👏🏻


PODCAST: Really useful advice for Y13s receiving their results this week...


Seriously cool 😎


Who would have these on their walls at home? 🙋🏽‍♂️


Hope everyone is having a good summer. Some exciting new installations happening at school…showcasing incredible student graphic design and photography!


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Welcome to the summer term

21st April 2022

It seems impossible that this academic year has progressed as fast as it has. In no time at all we appear at the business end of a tumultuous year. As a racing car appears around the corner, and then seems to vanish up the straight before you – it is sometimes hard to note the actual moment when it is alongside you. I am sure many of our schools are experiencing this. Particularly with their Year 2, 6, GCSE and A level classes. The sun is out and school attention turns to assessments and examinations. This year, of all years, it feels slightly false to draw comparisons between schools over student outcomes, (and at least our primary colleagues are spared the ineffective exposure of league tables this year), but we do not forget that for children these are their passports to their futures. As such we continue to strive as a trust to ensure all our children fulfil their potential and achieve the highest outcomes possible. We hold ambition for our children and, even as we acknowledge disrupted courses, our endeavours remain the same. We are proud to be a high achieving trust, where our schools regularly achieve well above national averages in terms of examination outcomes. We do this alongside a rounded view of education. A view that prides character, social responsibility, creativity and personal learning goals as fiercely as academic qualifications.

I was fortunate to spend time at Boxgrove School, with other trust staff, colleagues and governors before the Easter break at their Festival. This was an uplifting experience. A chance to reaffirm the values, achievements and distinctive qualities that make Boxgrove the place it is. As a trust we pride ourselves on facilitating schools to flourish in their own right and unique identities. Serving their communities and reflecting local priorities and aspirations.

The Boxgrove Festival was also a chance to turn attention to the future. A ‘call to arms’ to an ever-changing, but brighter future for our children. Education cannot, and will not rest on its laurels. We are always adapting and improving. Without a relentless focus on improvement we cannot serve our children and communities effectively. We strive to provide the best education of our young people, we cannot do this without a constant drive to improve.

Spring time is an uplifting time. As the temperatures warm, the flowers bloom and the days become longer. We all feel a lifting of our spirits and a hope in the days to come. We hold that hope for our young people. We guide them through the challenge of exams, schools trips and the plethora of learning opportunities in the term ahead. I hope you have all had a restful and recuperative Easter – and accept the challenge of a summer term full of hope. Hope for the children to thrive.

Jack Mayhew, CEO, Learning Partners

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